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Press this button for a NEW BLOG entry. Every application requires a BLOG. So be it. I suppose it is a little better that sitting on telephone support deep buring somewhere in a NOC! All the BLOGS on the Open Source Market are huge, so I decided just to write this little simple one, keeping the code footprint under about 30 KB and making it easy to read and maintain. Work in progress so bear with me for a few weeks.

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The Blog

This is the first blog in the database. Written by Mark. Just to see if the formatting is working in the CSS file.


Speed Dial Pad

The buttons above will take you home, to Facebook to chat with friends and foe (Mafia Wars anyone?) and will allow you to send some mail to Addinall. The buttons below will allow tou to 'like' this page on facebook, or share it on Facebook, mySpace, Google, Digg, twitter and others. It will also allow you to mail this page to someone, or send this page to the printer. If you can think of a speed dial function you would like to see, either mail Addinall or BLOG it!

BLOG of the WEEK

I am going to leave this blog simple. I visit a few blogs in WebWurld and they are all getting to look like a full blown applications, with registration, email verification, identity verification, newsletter opt-in/out, response notifications, multi-level quotations, cookies, session management, CAPTCHA ( Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) verification.......A few times I have tried to make a blog entry and just given up in frustration. Who has the time to screw around?