Welcome to eLinks A new kind of TAG Cloud

Don't you hate TAG clouds that look pretty but take you no-where, or no-where sensible? Well, here is a better way of doing it (I think anyway).


Well, that was my take on TAG clouds, invented here, right now, by me! Whaddya think? Good idea, or as worthless as the rest of the TAG clouds in Web space? I don't mind really as this is the first time I have ever bothered to give them any thought. Usually they are VERY useless. While I am here, some credits.

The original grey theme for the web page, including great buttons came from FreeTemplates.org.

The tool-tip pop-up is courtesy of wz_tooltip. No link. The web page has gone, and the word on the net is that the author is deceased. If that is the case, much sadness, if urban legend, many apologies.

Art work sources from Google Images. I tried to find art that looked in the public domain. If I am using your artwork and you are miffed, send me an abusive mail and I'll fix it.

The Shadowbox came from Shadow Box. A great bit of kit.

The CMS used is Chameleon. I wrote that and it doesn't have a home page at the moment because it is messy again!

Thanks to David Landgren, Pete Caffin and Prof. Tomasso for having a look at the work from time to time. Cheers.

I hope this has been fun to have a look at. I had fun writing it! My points (Obli Do):
  1. AJAX type techniques can be used without making a code base bigger than Ben Hur. And if you use AJAX, not EVERY bit of data needs to be handled in that manner.
  2. Australia does not require 100Mbps to the household to do eHealth, eTraining, eWork or mostly eAnything.
  3. Bio-informatics is alive and well. Mostly because people have been working in the field for a decade, for free. BioPerl is a very good example.
  4. Nice looking web pages don't need FLASH!
  5. CSS ROCKS! (although an easier way to debug it would be a very, very, very good thing. I will think about this.)

That's - IT (QLD)

Speed Dial Pad

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What do you think of the newer way of describing and accessing TAG clouds? In any reasonably complex document (including web pages) a key word will refer to more than one other document or URL. The author has been thinking about this for a litle while, and with the advent of HTML 5 and an increase in the emphasis on meta-data and ontologies, this method of building a TAG cloud may become useful. Tell me what you THINK.

Tagging is the process of labeling data with related keywords. The basic idea of tag clouds is to represent tags according to their meaning, their weight and their frequency relatively to other tags. This is done with appropriate font sizes and colors. The more important a tag is, the bigger and louder it appears (or at least should appear). Tag clouds are often considered as one of the typical design elements in Web 2.0. However it’s possible that the concept is recently loosing its popularity. Over the last years many sites used the technique, because they wanted to look "smashy", although they really weren't. This resulted in unusable and boring designs, supported by the quick'n'dirty-tagging. The best example are probably Technorati's tag clouds which have a number of repetitions, sometimes have spam and basically consist of mainstream and irrelevant terms.

This is a BETTER TAG Cloud I think.... I made it VERY transparent as a request came from my dear mate Prof. Tomato. I don't like it, but this is still early beta. What does everyone else think? Transparent was crap. It went away.