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eTraining is being touted as one of the world-changing technologies to be introduced with the NBN, and all of the Web Application developers being STIMULATED by the NBN. All well and good. I hope this page generates some interest.

MRI Interactive Training Model

Move the cursor around the Brain for descriptions as you travel. When you see a glove - 'Click' to do something. Roam around the larynx for an interesting text (well, I think so).

Occipital Lobe.  Primary visual area. Temporal (Hearing). Area of the Brain that controls hearing. Parietal. Multi modal processing. Sensory Cortex.  Pain, heat, other sensations Motor Cortex.  Movement Frontal Lobe. Judgement, foresight, voluntary movement. Brocas Area. Speech Frontal Lobe (Smell) Temporal Lobe.  Intellectual and emotional functions Brain Stem. Swallowing, breathing, heartbeat, wakefulness, involuntary functions. Cerebellum. Coordination Wernickes Area The power of speech

The cerebrum or telencephalon, together with the diencephalon, constitute the forebrain. It is the most anterior or, especially in humans, most superior region of the vertebrate central nervous system. Telencephalon refers to the embryonic structure, from which the mature cerebrum develops. The dorsal telencephalon, or pallium, develops into the cerebral cortex, and the ventral telencephalon, or subpallium, becomes the basal ganglia. The cerebrum is also divided into symmetric left and right cerebral hemispheres.

eTraining, another up and coming promised paradigm shift in the way people in the Life Sciences access training information, curriculum, study aides etc.

This system is intended to be a working model to demonstrate the use of Javascript, Javascript frameworks (JQuery etc) and AJAX in developing a rich content applications for the field of training in Health, Bioinformatics and allied medical and scientific areas. This is important as is reported, the people who are likely to benifit fron the NBN are the people who are going to be limited with 12 Mbps as opposed to the "Super Fast" offering being rolled out in cities. So remote eTraining has network bandwidth restrictions.

For example. Apart from lectures being podcast or webcast for quite a long time without a $50 BILLION NBN, we are being led to believe that watching actual procedures remotely is the stuff of science fiction. Here it is in use today.

The techniques described can be transported to other training systems.

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To the left then, are a couple of small examples of potential types of training aide. Training aides can take many different shapes and forms. Computer based Open Learning is not new, and the concept that everyone is waiting around being spitefully un-educated until presented with a 100 Mbps network link. The author of this site managed to struggle through a Master of Science degree without any internet connection at all. A library card helped. An enormous amount of educational options exist over the internet already from organizations like Bioinformatics.org.

An example of a lecture from the author's on-going education spanning his traditional computer science into the hybrid into life science that has become bioinformatics. Bioinformatics is talked about in this software prototype suite elsewhere however, as this is a training discussion page, click here for an example.

I hope this page has demonstrated what is available given CURRENT network topology. This system was developed in Brisbane on a $1000 laptop using 100% FREE open source software. The only thing that would cost in a development environment would be the time spent by the engineer/analyst. The network link between my development machine, and the machine in the USA you are watching is around 1 Mbps. Yep. Not even ADSL 2+. Twenty times slower than that. This whole application has a foot print of 2.5 MB (20 Mb) and so takes in between 20 and 40 seconds to install from Brisbane into the USA. Is it worth $50 BILLION to make that about 8 seconds faster? I'll leave it to you to consider. I hope you enjoyed this page. Thank you. Addinall.